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Located to the west of the central region of the Korean Peninsula, Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea, has been the center of the country in its long history from the prehistoric era to the present day.

Seoul emerged as the capital city before the Common Era. Its emergence occurred during the early days of Baekje, one of the three kingdoms that existed in the peninsula for over a millennium. Baekje's rich and brilliant culture became the basis for cultivating Korea's cultural history. During the Three Kingdoms Era, it was the strategic region all those three rival countries competed for, which illustrates the substantial significance of Seoul during that era.

After the unified Silla period and the Goryeo Dynasty, Seoul again became the capital of the Joseon Dynasty with its foundation in 1394. Since then, the city has been maintained as the historical center of the country.

Now in its 600th year of official history, Seoul is a city where Korea's traditional and modern cultures coexist. Geographically, it is an extraordinary example of good location, as mountains, rivers and urban spaces all combine to produce a picture-perfect city.


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The exchange rate in Korea

1,130 KRW (South-Korean Won) is about 1 USD of June 2013.
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