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For weekend Temple Stay

Mu Sang Sa(International Zen temple) : http://www.musangsa.org/english/main.php

Established in March 2000, Mu Sang Sa is an International Zen temple where people from all around the world who are interested in meditation can easily learn and practice Zen in Korea, a country that has maintained a deep-rooted legacy of Zen practice and a strong Buddhist tradition since the 4th century.

At Mu Sang Sa, we support a community of foreign monks, nuns, and laypeople who want to practice Zen following the teachings of the late Great Zen Master Seung Sahn. Many students come to practice or train here and later return to help their Zen Centers in their countries.

Like all Korean Zen temples, Mu Sang Sa hosts two three-month intensive meditation retreats (Kyol Che) a year during the summer and winter. Kyol Che is a time when one can completely devote oneself to meditation practice away from worldly distractions. At other times of the year, we organize short weekend retreats and hold a weekly ZEN MEDITATION CLASS on every Saturday.

Bongeunsa : http://www.bongeunsa.org/eng/index.asp

Bongeunsa, one of the sacred temples in Korea where the aspiration of Venerable Bou who exerted himself with his utmost efforts to keep the dying Buddhism alive and the spirit of Venerable Seosan and Samyeong who saved the country from the national crisis of Japanese invasion permeated deeply, is now creating a new history of Korean Buddhism through its practice-centered temple management system operation. We provide a two-day (overnight stay) program that lets participants experience daily monastic life at a traditional temple in the city.
This will give you the chance to look deep inside yourself - something which can be easily put off in our busy lives. Take some time to rebuild your relationship with yourself, as well as the relationships you have with others. Present yourself with more than a souvenir from Korea - experience the unique opportunity to live a monastic life and maybe even undergo a profound change


International Seon Center : http://seoncenter.com/bbs/board_eng.php?bo_table=1

The International Seon Center is a Korean Buddhist temple of the Jogye Order. It first opened its doors on November 15, 2010. In the Center, both locals an foreigners can experience the true essence of Korean Buddhism and Ganhwa Seon Meditation through a various temple programs.

The International Seon Center is a Seon (Zen) meditation and Buddhist propagation training center as well as a learning facility for Buddhist cultural practices. The overall aim of the center is to promote awareness of the inherent value of Korean Buddhism and its practices to the global community.

Location : 319-11 Sinjeong6-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, 158 -076, Rep. of Korea