Payment Details

The total amount of 500,000 WON (plus 80,000 WON for each Banquet and  80,000 WON  for each Panmunjom bus tour) can be paid by a) credit card, b) by cash at the conference desk or  c) by wire transfer. If you register and pay after  May 31st, 2013,  the conference fee will increase by  150,000 WON  to  650,000 WON. This also applies to the cash payers at the conference desk.


  • a) Paying by credit card:

    a-1. On-line Payment  (Window Only) : If you would like to pay by credit card fully on-line, please use Internet Explore,  Safari or Chrome with Window operating system. You need to install a module called "KCP" before filling in the registration form .

    a-2. Off-line Payment (Mac, Linux, etc): After filling in the registration form, please send us your credit card company name and number by fax (+82-2-704-9031) or email(, with the subject, <Registration Information>. 
  • b) Paying by cash:

    You may also pay your fee at the conference desk upon arrival. In this case the rules for late registration apply, i.e. the conference fee increases to the amount 650,000 WON. Please note that we can only accept payments in Korean Won.

  • c) Paying by Wire transfer:

    Please set up a wire transfer to the following account :


  • Account holder : Sogang University, CQUeST
    Bank : Woori Bank
    Branch : Sogang University
    Account number : 1006 601 269091
    Swift Code : HVBKKRSEXXX
    Reason for payment : your name, Strings2013